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Monday, July 10, 2017

Ruler quilting

Jo commented last week that she hoped I would post some closeups of my ruler quilting project. I hope these prove interesting...

I'm working on cross hatching in these odd little background pieces (1 hexagon + 3 third-hexagons). And I'll add that I am more than half done already. Woohoo!

In order to make sure the center of my curved ruler is lined up properly for each pass, I'm using the bone folder from my old rubberstamping days, to temporarily create a crease to follow. Because I'll next be stitching "around" the blue third-hexie there on the right, I'm drawing a line between the 2 red dots.

Hopefully, you can see that the center line etched on the ruler lines up with the creased line in the background fabric. I'm stitching 4 passes "around" each third-hexie and each pass is about .5" from the last, thanks to the quarter inch wide ruler foot and the quarter inch etchings on the ruler.

Something to be very conscious of when FMQing is to puddle your quilt around your needle/work space. If your quilt is puddled then you are only moving the portion of the quilt within the very center of the puddle instead of trying to move a very large section of the quilt. I can definitely feel the drag when I am trying to move too large a section of the quilt or even the edge of the quilt.

Can you see my puddle?

The flat area in the red circle is my puddle. 

The other important part of FMQing is to have snoopervision  =^..^=

Zorro - it's not polite to stick your tongue out at the viewers!

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Janet O. said...

You are doing a great job, Sarah.
And now I understand why I struggle so much with FMQ. I have the puddle part down, but there is NO SNOOPERVISION at my house. I am doomed to fail!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your quilting is beautiful--am sure Zorro, the snooper vision is a great help--Cherish every minute with Zorro!

AnnieO said...

Nice explanation of your detail work! I'm continuously snoopervized!

margaret said...

this is coming along so well good to see you have your helper assisting! How good that your cabinet extends on the left side for you taking the weight of the quilt mine opens the other side which is no use at all when it comes to quilting, looking for a table that will collapse as I am thinking the drag is what makes the quilting process so hard for me

Jo said...

They are great photos. The curved quilting will look good against the Hexies. Glad you are having fun with them.. Thanks for indulging me.

Barbara said...

The quilting is going to be beautiful when it's all finished. I have some curved rulers, but I haven't had the nerve to try them out on anything yet. I'll have to try it on something small first. So far, I've only used my rulers to make straight lines.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Looking great! And it always helps to have superior snoopervision.