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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Bibliophile Files - 7/11/17

Greetings and welcome to another rousing edition of The Bibliophile Files...my monthly reading list.

Goodreads says I am currently half way through my reading challenge for the year (45/90 books)!!!!!

Vacation is coming up and since it's just me and the mountains (with a lot of proposed rain), there is a LOT of reading to be done along with my hexies! I've picked some books from my favorite series to bring with me and I've got way too many books loaded on my iPhone - I'll have lots to chose from.

     The Dead House
     Boy - This is a "play". It's only 1 CD long and I thought the ending left a lot hanging out in the open. I prefer definitive endings...
     In our Backyard
     Feed - this is a YA book about our future lives tied to technology. The fact that I can see this happening is kinda scary.
     The Red Umbrella - an excellent book about 2 young kids brought to the USA during Pedro Pan flights from Cuba. If only the book included more about their life once they reunited with their family...
     My Sister's Grave - Huh, another new series by accident, except this time I actually started with the first book.
     Summit - another excellent book in one of my favorite styles (does the style have a name?) where a current story is wound in and around a similar "historical" story about summiting Mt Everest.

     iPhone: Hidden Figures - this is rare for me, but I liked the movie much more. I was awed by the movie, I felt that every girl/woman should see it to hear about what these women did for NASA and womankind. The book is nowhere near as compelling, it's got a lot of interesting detail but I think watching the movie first ruined the book for me since the movie condensed and reordered some of the details to make it more succinct.
     home: Redemption Road
     car: The Body in the Wardrobe - this is another new to me series but since it's book #23 of 24 I'm having a hard time believing the series has gone on so long with all these random dead bodies while the series is named after the person who feels like a lesser character.

And now it's your turn!! What books have you read in the last month? Anything counts - novel, magazine, quilt pattern or cereal box!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Finished Redemption Road and The Last Child by John Hart. Have started Iron House.

Jo said...

I'm an old romantic at heart. Can you suggest any real good books I might be able to look for in the library. I'm looking at getting a talking book this weekend...

Annie said...

I suggest you give the Faith Fairchild series (The Body in the Wardrobe) another chance. I've been reading them since book one and I've always enjoyed them. I find them to be a good but lighter read and very entertaining.