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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Wednesday Weather #7 & ruler quilting

Another busy holiday weekend at Casa Grande!!

Saturday I went to the Angelica NY Lavender Fest & Farm Market - Despite the rain it was a fun event and I came home with some veg, a purple gayfeather, a few gifts and a pile of what I call silly socks. I didn't think to take a picture but imagine purple socks with sprigs of lavender, bright blue Nefertiti, bright yellow with Klimt's The Kiss, moose on snowy mountains and skunks on green grass. I told you they were silly but who wants to wear boring grey socks with bright colored summer tshirts??!!

Saturday night was a grad party and then an after party with my coworkers. OMG - you should have tried the home made cinnamon peach moonshine. It was smoooooooth!

LOVE my new green walls!

A late night rescue call meant a late start to the day Tuesday. I skipped my walk (not a smart move, esp cuz I also skipped today's walk for another rescue call last night) but I did have company while I screwed around online on my iPhone.

Before yesterday was out, there would be a total of  4 rescue calls and a massive power outage during one of those calls. I had left my Bernina on during the call and rushed home as fast as I could to unplug it before the power came on. I was too chicken to plug it in again last night for fear of damage or the power going out again.

Luckily I had made some progress on the ruler quilting but this is how it stands for more attention tonight. I'm still not perfect with the ruler (ie stitch length while FMQing curves) but I'm having fun and it looks fantastic.

I love my large table with 2 drawers I can pull out to support large quilts as needed while it's also "puddled" around the needle allowing for easier movement, instead of dragging the whole quilt around. I puddle whether using rulers or not.

And last but not least, it's time for last week's weather report. 'Consistent' was pretty much the word of the week (70-77-75-76-78-75-75F) and we are looking at a lot more of the same in the next week.

BTW - would anyone be interested in a weather linky party each Wednesday?

Happy Hump Day!!!

Linking to Midweek Makers and Let's Bee Social.


Julierose said...

Oh, so you don't roll or fold while you are quilting on the machine? do you find that puddling works better or easier??? I keep having to re-fold all the time...your weather in hexagonia looks pretty nice...lol
hugs, Julierose

Janet O. said...

Okay, get a photo of those socks. I can't even imagine them!!
Sounds like an awfully busy holiday for rescue workers!
That table does look ideal for supporting quilts.
I have to admit that I don't focus much on my stitch length. It is what it is. : )
Do you have enough orange to sustain this consistency of temperature?

margaret said...

envious of your table I have a horn cabinet but the bit that pulls out is on the left side not the right so no use when it comes to quilting, keep looking out for a card table or similar that will fold way when not in use but take the weight of the quilt. Checked out the purple gayfeather as did not have a clue what it was very nice.

Good to know you are there for those that need rescueing what a busy time you have had over the last few days. I expect you will unplug your machine in future after that scare re a power scare would have been terrible if it had effected it

Jo said...

Great to see your quilting in action.. those socks sound like so much fun... I did notice a little wall hanging on a stand. I love my big tables too. They are needed for quilting... hopefully we will see a close up of your quilting

Pamela said...

Your weather is consistent! Great fabrics! I'd be interested in a link up. I post my hexies on Monday, but can link on Wednesday.

Vireya said...

Your cabinet looks good! I haven't seen one with a pull-out section like that.

Love all those orange fabrics - my favourite colour.

I start my week on Saturday, so wouldn't have whole rosettes to show on Wednesdays. If you don't mind a late link-up I could add a link on Friday or Saturday when I had assembled mine. But I'm happy to save them up till the 17th and the HeLP.

Susan said...

I would be scared to have the machine plugged in too. Maybe it's time for a battery backup surge protector? I have one for my longarm for such times. The new green wall look great, though the kitty cuteness caught my eye first! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers!