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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bibliophile Files - 10/10/17

So...I recently upgraded my iPhone to an unlimited plan which included a personal hotspot. I was excited to finally have internet at home, which is hard to do without a land line phone or cable. Sadly, I still can't get it to work properly. The first time I tried, it wouldn't connect at all. The second time I tried, I connected but the pages wouldn't load. There are 2 directions this is going to go: I'll try again, this will be 'third time is the charm' and all will work fine or I'll just decide that it's finally time to upgrade the laptop. The laptop is ancient but without internet, I wasn't using it much at home other than EQ7 and to type a few Word docs here and there. If I could finally blog at home, I would be thrilled.

Anyway, welcome to this delayed, yet quickie version of the Bibliophile Files - my monthly list of
finished books. This is an abbreviated version since both jobs are cray-cray again this week and I'm squeezing this in between jobs and fire meeting.

BTW - I'm still 7 books ahead of schedule!! 76 down and 14 to go. Easy Peasy!

     16th Seduction
     In my Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer - Memoir of a Polish girl saving Jews during WWII. Fascinating.
     Our Family Quilt
     Mangrove Lightning
     Hard Truth - not my fav Anna Pigeon book. I love the series for the national park info but this had very little park info.
     Between Shades of Gray - a sad WWII story based on true events. The authors note at the end of the audiobook was heart wrenching as she recalled family info and stopped the recording mid-sentence in tears. She wasn't the only person in tears...

     at home - The Couple Next Door
     on my phone - The One Safe Place

Your turn!! What have you read recently? Novels, magazines, quilt patterns and cereal boxes all count!


MissPat said...

Just finished Y is for yesterday by Sue Grafton and currently reading Glass houses by Louise Penny. I highly recommend the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache series.
I bought an Acer Chromebook14 earlier this summer. Got it at Costco for $250.00. I mainly use it for internet and use Google Docs for the few things I need. Not sure if it would handle EQ though.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

The Nest