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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday Weather #28, Clue #1 and a new project

Have you ever been in a blogging slump that you just can't drag yourself out of? While I worked at my fall seasonal job during my lunches I restricted my blogging to the bare bones. That job is 99.9% over but I haven't found my mojo just yet. I'll skip all the excuses and just say that here's a little catch up and hopefully that mojo will show up over the weekend...

46 - 40 - 35 - 46 - 40 - 33 - 53F

This is my missing rosette from last week. I had thought that the top right hexie would be another dark green, making a neat design for the colors but Mother Nature surprised me.

34 - 32 - 52 - 52 - 34 - 40 - 60F
And this was this week's weather. That yellow was a total surprise but let me tell you it was a great day for decorating our office building with a slight breeze and gorgeous clear blue skies.

I've added the sashing to 2 or three of these blue rosettes for Mickey's On The Road project. It dawned on me that I may not want to make the quilt as big as Mickey's so I'm trying to sash up all the finished blue rosettes so I can lay them out and see what I really have so far. I've got 2 more to add grey sashing and 3 or 4 to add white. It's a slow going process but great for watching DVDs. I'm currently watching Wayward Pines Season 1. It's got M. Night Shyamalan's name all over it. Love that guy.

I'm sure no one (Janet!?) is surprised to hear that I've started a new project and I "mustache" you if you like it??!!? LOL. Have you seen the new Brimfield Block papers from paperpieces.com? I was on a FART with Lisa last Friday and we just couldn't get over this Santa fabric so I pulled a couple FQs and just fell in love with this. I have yet to stitch this, saving it for after the bazaar I am doing this weekend. Actually, I always take a hexie project to work on at bazaars so maybe this will be the one...

And last, but not least, I did my Bonnie Mystery Clue #1 blocks last weekend. I'm am currently making half the needed blocks until I see the final layout and then I can decide exactly how many bits I need for a smaller quilt.

For anyone joining today from Bonnie's Mystery linky party - I host a weekly Wednesday Weather Report linky for anyone working on a weather quilt. We would love to have you join in our project - let me know if you would like details or check out this link.


Vireya said...

Your yellow day sounds lovely!

Nice to see you are doing the mystery as well. You know I have a lot of aqua fabric from my winter weather hexies, so I had to join in as soon as I saw Bonnie's colour scheme.

Pamela said...

All of your projects look great, but the hexies are striking. Can't wait to see the next time you show them all together.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I haven't had a blogging slump. Sometimes I have to step away to get something more high priority done, but always anxious to get back to it. Cute Santa project and the aqua 9's look great. You got a few warmer days than us.

Janet O. said...

In a blogging slump right now, Sarah. Had to step away for the funeral and company staying for the week of Thanksgiving and the funeral. Now that I have had a day or two to catch my breath, I can't seem to get up my enthusiasm for a blog post--first time in 6 1/2 years!
Totally surprised that you are starting a new project (NOT!!!). :)
Looking forward to seeing the 'stache project in its finished state.

Alison V. said...

I love your 9-patches -- the colors are so rich!