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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 5/17/17

Hello one and all and welcome to another rousing edition of Hexie Linky Party!!!!

You think you're surprised to see Z in my lap - try being me!!!
I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with me - it's all about his fav B&W fleece on my lap.

Lest you think I've been a hexie slacker while working on some machine sewing, Zorro and I would like to present proof of 2 more finished Twisted hexies on the coffee table and another started.

My exciting news for today is the announcement of my new 
Hexie Temperature Quilt
 and I hope all y'all will join in with me!!!

For anyone not familiar with a temperature afghan or quilt: each day one "'unit" (row, hexie, etc) is made based on the temperature for the day. The colors are predetermined for specific temperature ranges and you can choose to use the high for the day or the temperature at a certain time of the day.

Thanks to Erin, I've decided to make one 1.5" hexie each day and since there are 7 days in a week as well as 7 hexies in a rosette, I'll be making each "week" into a rosette and then machine appliqueing the rosette onto a 9.5" unfinished neutral square.

This is my planned layout: 52 weeks and 4 empty corner blocks for a 7x8 block layout. I'm not planning any sashing or borders at this time so I'll end up with a 63" x 72" quilt. The EQ7 layout is very rough but if someone wants the file I am happy to share.

I've decided to use the temperature of any given day at 1pm. It's the time I return from lunch most days so I thought it would be easy to remember and it's nearly the hottest time of the day. If I ever forget or don't have cell service (Imagine that?!?!) I will check Weather Underground for the high temp of any particular day.

This is the most fun part, right??!! Not knowing how many days I'll have at any particular temperature and not knowing how much of each fabric to stock up on, Chantal suggested I aim for scrappy. Wonderful! Hoping to include people outside my local temperature norms, I expanded the range pretty far. I certainly don't think I'll be using much brown and you might not be using much white but one never knows...

>100     browns
90-99    maroons
80-89    reds
70-79    oranges
60-69    golds
50-59    bright greens
40-49    dark greens
30-39    dark blues
20-29    dark purples
10-19    light purples
0-9        light pinks
< 0        WOWs

I figited with my fabrics and tweaked the colors a couple times to find what works with my stash. It would be fun if everyone was basically the same to compare apples to apples but you might not like purple as much as I do and I completely understand.

These are the fabrics I used to create my base colors. I had my local print shop make a couple color copies for me this morning and wrote my temperature range next to each FQ. I put the whole thing in a sheet protector and I'll put it on my studio wall tonight. Anything to make it easy to figure out what fabric to use and get those hexies done ASAP.

My friend Cathy is going to join in and she hopes to fussy cut fabrics for special holidays and birthdays. That will be fun to see!


What do you think?????

Would you like to play along???

I would love to hear if you're going to play along, if I left anything out of the directions and if you would like the details in a tab at the top of my blog. You might even run home to make a hexie and link it up tomorrow. Hint. Hint.

As always, I hope you will link up a hexie project to my linky party, temperature quilt or not. The project can be of any vintage or paper shape/size.


Janet O. said...

It is a clever idea. I don't know that I could even keep up with one little hexagon a day--and that is assuming that I wanted to. : )
I love how you worked lots of purples into your color scheme. Very smart.
Will be watching the progress of this project with interest.

Pamela said...

I'm interested in the temperature quilt! I have so many other things on the go right now, but one hexie a day doesn't seem bad. Keeping track of the temperature every day would be the hard part. I'm thinking about it.

Ruth said...

What a neat idea! I might just start one in January 2018.

margaret said...

sounds a fun thing to do a temperature quilt and will enjoy following your progress but will pass on this one as I have so many other projects on the go and more waiting to be started. Good to see Zorro on your knee.

Vireya said...

I'm in!

I'm going to start next Saturday as it will be a meaningful day for me. I will make myself a chart based on Celsius temperatures, and will try to keep the colours equivalent to yours. However, I will never get any purple in my quilt if I use your divisions, as there will never be a day when the top temperature is below freezing!

Vireya said...

OK, here's my divisions in C for anyone in a similar climate to me. The temperature dips below freezing here, but never stays there for a whole day. And we need more divisions above 100F, because that is too broad a category.

>45 black
40-45 purple
35-40 magenta
30-35 red
25-30 orange
20-25 yellow
15-20 green
10-15 aqua/teal
5-10 blue
0-5 pale blue

So I've basically put in two extra divisions at the top, and moved all your colours up about 5 of our degrees. So for example my red days would be your maroons, and my greens would be your golds. This way I will have a better spread of colour variation.