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Monday, December 04, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 12/4/17

It was another busy weekend (I know you've never heard that before on my blog) some of it a total waste of time and some rather useful.

Friday started with a doctor's appointment - the doc was 45 minutes late and I was the first patient. Totally annoying. I made a quick run to the closest Joann's (45 mins away) for some wrapnzap to make soup bowl cozies as gifts and then back home to continue sewing for Saturday's Bazaar.

I really needed a "higher" display piece to the middle but I'll remember for next time

Despite lots of advertising to the students/parents and a nice mix of crafts and vendors there were very few shoppers. The weather was nice and I don't know of any other local events so I'm not sure where everyone was. Let's just say that the high table fee (PTA fundraiser) and the required raffle donation put me in the hole. I think this bazaar has potential thanks to the space and variety but I don't think I'll be joining next year. Bummer. On the positive side, I've got lots of inventory for my spring work conference!

On another positive side, I had 5 hours to stitch! These are for a set of 4 placemats I've been planning for ages.

Yesterday was spent with a little time on each of a lot of projects. It was divine.

I cut and stitched a few jewel hearts.

I cut out the parts needed to make half of Bonnie's mystery clue #2. Check out her linky party HERE.

There was a bunch more cutting and little clean up projects here and there that didn't warrant pictures or that I couldn't take pictures of for secret reasons. HOHOHO.

I will share 2 more pictures from my walk this morning.

Taken from the end of my driveway.
It's a little hazy and the sunrise was just lighting the sky.
Too bad you can't see the Christmas lights on the firehall at the end of the street
Maybe you can see the church steeple on the right - love those hourly bells

Love crossing this little creek twice on my walks.
The temp drops about 5-10 degrees when you cross the bridges.
Happy Monday!


Janet O. said...

Bummer on the bazaar!
I'm glad you could find a positive side to it.
Love the shots from your morning walk. The morning glow is magical!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I'm glad you had a silver lining of those wonderful hexies :). Have a great week and good luck getting those geese stitched up before the next clue.

Jo said...

You have so much on keeping you busy. Great to see all your different projects..

Vireya said...

Too bad about the bazaar.

Your early morning photos are beautiful, and the colours have a touch of "On Ringo Lake" about them.