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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Bibliophile Files - 12/31/17

When nobody complained that I didn't post Bibliophile Files during the great no-internet-debacle at the beginning of December, I decided to post this at the end of the year for a more accurate count. What I didn't consider is that my January post is going to be pretty lean but it's too late now...

I finished my year by reading 97  98 books!! Not bad when I worried the first half of the year that I was behind schedule to finish my goal of 90 books. (Updated at 5:30 today with another finish!)

On the other hand, I didn't finish my reading challenge for the year. It wasn't lengthy with just 26 book but the topics to pick were no where near my norms. And lets be honest - I didn't try super hard to finish the challenge. It's 80% finished so I'll just finish it in early 2018 and call it "good enough for who it's for".

     The Absent One - This is the second book in the Department Q series. I had read the first book but apparently hadn't been enthralled enough to add it to my "book binder" for future reading options. The series has now been added to the binder as I really enjoyed this book.
     A Fountain Filled With Blood - another new series about a lady minister who had been in the military. The series is set in my favorite Adirondack Mountains.
     Of Beast & Beauty - a new take on an old favorite: Beauty and the Beast
     Camino Island
     In a Dry Season
     A Long Way Home - I read the book after watching the movie "Lion". Fantastic true story about a "lost" child in India who is adopted by an Aussie family and then searches for his roots. Movies are never quite the same as the book but I think these 2 compliment each other quite nicely.
     Pillars of the Earth - At first I cursed the person who recommended this book (audiobook is 32 CDs!!) but then I was so into it that I ordered the second book in the series to find it's 36 CDs. Thankfully a new book only appears in this series every 10 years or so.
     Blue Screen
     #1 Ladies Detective Agency
     Dead Wrong

     On my home stereo - Breaking Silence
     On my iPhone - The Cuban Affair

And now it's your turn! What did you read in the last month? Was there one book that stuck out for you this year? Something that you wished you had gotten to but didn't? Any suggestions for books or a 2018 Reading Challenge would be great to share as well. Don't forget anything counts for your BF Report - a novel, a magazine, a quilt pattern or a cereal box!


MissPat said...

I've read all the Julia Spencer-Fleming books and, sadly, she seems to have stopped writing them. I haven't figured out how to listen to audio books on my kindle and I'm too cheap to sunscribe to Audible. I used to listen all the time on my daily commute.
Hope you are not too deeply buried in snow or too frozen from the cold.
Happy New Year.

Jo said...

I'm not up to reading & I haven't had an audible book in a while.
Good for you getting so many read. Good luck for this year and keeping up to your expectations

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I just finished reading (actually listening--books on tape) Hamilton. WOW! I am still processing. Now I am reading Vivian Howard's cookbook Deep Run Roots