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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #32 - 12/27/17

12 bowl cozies

For Christmas this year, I made everyone (including myself!!!!) one of the now popular bowl cozies in fabric to match a hobby or preference of each person.

Dad's first thought was that maybe it was an individualized yarmulka with the Wendy's key tag as a Minnie Pearl decoration. Only family...

Christmas Day was run run run: shovel the drive to get out and then run to Mom & Dad's. I was about to run home for a shower before off to the next party when we had an MVA thanks to the icky weather so that meant a run for the ambulance. Then it was actually off to my brother's house.

We had an excellent dinner and fun exchanging gifts.

The drive home was pretty harrowing. It was snowing about 3"/hour and at some point the DOT had pulled the plows off the roads for their safety. Hello? What about the schmucks driving through 6" of snow and there were no tracks to follow???!!!

The 20 minute drive home took about 35 minutes, which I guess isn't too bad. The photo above was taken at 10:08 Monday night. I had been home about 3 minutes when don't you know - it stopped snowing.

I again shoveled out again Tuesday morning. It looks like we got about 15" total. It's currently sunny and blue skies but the lake effect storm warning continue through this evening.

Even Zorro admits that he might have dreamed a little too hard for a White Christmas but he was happy to be snuggled in his Window Box watching Birdie Vision. You'll notice the snow piled on top of the birdfeeder again and hopefully you can spot at least one of the 3 goldfinches in the feeder.

As far as my temperature hexies...I've nearly completed stitching last week's rosette but I have done nothing this week other than pull new dark purples to add some variety. I am pretty sure that tomorrow I'll be pulling out a brand new color!!!


Janet O. said...

That was a lot of snow! Such pretty winter scenes--if you aren't out driving in it!!
Looks like good times with family, too.
I am loving the colors on your next hexie.

Linda Swanekamp said...

One more reason I live north of the city of Buffalo- minor accumulations, no lake effect. My daughter was stuck here a day longer and came a day earlier because she lives south of Erie, PA and you know what the weather was like along the 90! Glad you traveled safe. Sew on!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Here in the valley we only got 8", but surrounding areas had much more - then there was the winds. You will catch up with the temp hexies.

Vireya said...

Everyone I made bowl cosies for put them on their heads as well!

Pamela said...

I received two bowl cozies and I think they are a great gift!

Angie in SoCal said...

Brrr. It looks cold there. Looks like you had a merry day with family. Happy New Year.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

No snow here (yet) just super cold temps--nice to be inside stitching. Love your Dad's sense of humor. That Z--he is such a smart guy--he has the best seat in the house for bird watching.

Denise :) said...

It looks like y’all had a fun time celebrating together! The bowl on your dad’s head cracks me up!!! :)