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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday MishMash

Woohoo - a Monday post! Blogging is more fun now that we can answer comments!

This is heaven in an ice cream maker - made with fresh trawberries. Yes! I had a few spoonfuls with breakfast yesterday! I forgot my daily breakfast ration today so I'll have to double up tonight. Darn!

Such is my life - forced to work enough to pay for fabric. And what did I do this weekend? Worked at the LQS! Saturday was crazy busy and Sunday was crazy slow which gave me some time to trim and cut some projects.

I trimmed down 21 Diamond Tile blocks. I've got a few more blocks in progress but I wanted to see how many more I "needed" while I design this on the fly. The blocks finish at 11" and I will at least finish the one charm pack (~6 more blocks I think) and then I'll decide if I want to open up the second charm pack.

I also cut (320) 2.5" squares to use for the sashing on my Zag & Zig quilt. I'm sure I'll need plenty more but it was a good start.

And after all that cutting it was time to sit down and get some stitching done. The plan now is to add one more row to the colored middle so that it's 5 wide and then add one gray to each side so that I am working on the sashing as I go instead of all at the end. When I go to put the chunks together I will probably put another solid color in the middle of the gray sashing just so it's all odd numbers. Denise told me yesterday that prime #s (which are often odd #s) are scientifically more pleasing. Who am I to question science?!


Denise :) said...

Born to quilt ... forced to have shoulder surgery ... that's my tee-shirt. LOL! Your ice cream looks really yummy!!! :)

Janet O. said...

I ended up making the cookies 'n cream ice cream I mentioned to you, and a coconut almond ice cream. Thought it would go well with the raspberry coconut coffee cake we had for dessert. But it never occurred to me to have ice cream for breakfast. Thanks for planting that thought.
I could use that same t-shirt Denise needs. :)
(Sent a little something your way today.)

Annette Mandel said...

Did I miss the post where you explain your grand plan for this hexie project? It intrigues me. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

Pamela said...

The diamond blocks are stunning, but I am partial to hexies! After seeing your zig zag quilt, I might start one too.

Barbara said...

Strawberry ice cream...mmmmmmmmmmm. My favorite.