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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #55 - 6/6/18

Woo Hoo - the first official post of my new temperature project!!

After a recording breaking heat wave for most of the month of May, we are starting June with a chilly streak. It's the perfect sleeping weather but it's SUMMER - and I want some sun and enough warmth to get rid of the fleece pullovers and sweats.

As you will recall, my official second year project started on June first. The last two days of May were 86 & 78F.

83 - 62 - 66 - 64 - 58 F

These pieces are tiny compared to the 1.5" hexies I used last year. The fabric pieces do not have my usual 3/8" seam allowance as it would be too bulky on the back. That means I need to be pretty accurate when basting the fabric to the paper so I'm not out of fabric when I get to the other end but overall, it's a very quick and easy process. I can't wait to get a couple weeks done so that I can begin sewing them into the first column that will be June.


Pamela said...

Nice look to the new year's quilt!

Chantal said...

How fun! Completely different to the last year so great interest impact! I still need to decide what to do.

Vireya said...

Great start! I'll enjoy watching this come together.

Denise :) said...

I like these shapes--this will be fun to put together!! :)

Julierose said...

I've got a start Sarah--(my pix didn't come out on linky for some reason) anyhoo
I like how yours have come together...it is so cold here only 51 this morning...really chilly for June 6th. I will be writing the date and temp on the back of the hexagon paper shape--so i can keep them in order...
hugs, Julierose