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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #112 - 7/10/19

We might have been deluged with several rain storms over the weekend but now it's warmed up enough that the puddles I had to mow around last week are now deeply cracked and dried out clay. Ugghh. Mother Nature is off her meds again!

July 3 - 9, 2019
79 - 83 - 85 - 73 - 70 - 74 - 79 F
July 1 - 9, 2019

After finishing stitching the Mr Serious top together I kind of floundered around my curio cabinet of hexie UFO  projects for a week or so, testing the water with several projects. Then I was asked to give another trunk show and (doll) bed turning in October which got my juices flowing so I started a "new" project. I've had the pin saved for some time but I still had to pick fabrics. I had recently purchased 2 mini-charm packs of the 2019 new Grunge fabrics and it appeared there would be two of each fabric in the pack. It was the perfect option until I realized there really was only two of the first couple of fabrics. Never fear cuz I have a box of Grunges to pick from and so I did.

I even doodled the design up in EQ7
with similar colors to what I would be using.

 As I started to stitch at Hexie Club last Friday it appeared that this project was going to be wayyyyyyy too big for a doll quilt. In fact, when I got home and remeasured it, the quilt will be fine, it's just the papers are four times as big as the last papers I was using and my brain was playing tricks on me. These are 1" papers and I really do prefer the smaller ones. On the plus side, tho, this is coming together quite quickly as I've only worked on it since Friday night and maybe only for an hour or 2 each day. 

You'll notice that I haven't quite finished the right side the same as the EQ diagram. It's not that I still think it's too big, it's more like I am considering having the "center" of the design more to one side than in the current diagram. It will be easy enough to add the "missing" bits when the rest is finished than to wish I hadn't put them on and need to take them off.

Don't worry - I have several UFOs and another NewFOs packed for my pending vacation!!! Those UFOs will get tackled soon enough.

As I have mentioned recently, I chose not to re-up my linky party software so please feel free to add your link to the comments below or just tell us about your weather. Are you finally warming up in the northern hemisphere or finally cooling down in the southern hemisphere?


Linda Swanekamp said...

I still think you are crazy with those tiny hexies. Hope the weather is good for you, but not too hot so you can hike.

Janet O. said...

Oh, you needed another hexie project, for sure!! :)
But I like it!

Vireya said...

We are well and truly cooled down around here! Definite winter weather in my little corner of the world.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hot and Humid. Geez I hate the humidity. Heat without it is rather pleasant, lol.

Jo said...

It's definitely cooler here. But not as cold as the town I used to live.

Leonore Winterer said...

Hot temperatures and a great new start! I recently caught my temperature stitch up to the end of June; I only have two 'hotter' colours left and hope to not have to use them...