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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dora the Explora

Since we were "just talking" nicknames, I thought I would add this most recent edition to the list...

Friday morning I worked on that doll quilt for the Library. After about 45 minutes I heard a heard a scratching noise and stopped my audiobook - there was a cat scratching something. I could see Pepper so I went looking for the girls, my little trouble makers. The noise got louder the closer I got to the kitchen and then Midgie shot out of nowhere and stopped just out of reach under the dining room. I scolded her (who runs if they have done nothing wrong?) and asked what she was doing. I know, like she could answer me in words instead of just those wide pleading eyes.

I started looking around the kitchen for a problem and then heard a distant help-me-meow. While checking the bathroom I heard the meow again and opened the basement door. Cali was sitting on the steps and ran into the house as fast as she could. She must have followed me downstairs to read the gas/water meters and who knows how long she had been exploring before she panicked that she was now stuck in the basement. She was covered in cobwebs, especially her long whiskars. I pulled the cobwebs off her before I could think to get the camera and she ran to her chair where she didn't move for at least another hour. Poor Dora the Explora.

And Miss Midgie - as much as she doesn't like Cali, had been trying to scratch open the door to let her poor sissy back into the house. She was rewarded with a couple extra treats!

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