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Thursday, May 12, 2011

UFO Thursday & Civil War Blocks

This month we are supposed to be working on UFO #9 which is this batik quilt.
It looks done, you say?! Not quite because it's only 95% done. I need to finish the borders on 2 sides.

When moving from Miami back to Castile we stopped at a Quilt Store in one of the Carolina's and they had batik charm packs for sale. Who can resist a good charm pack or three? Especially when moving from the sunny south back to the cold, gray north. The borders were made from left over charms and they are all cut - some of them maybe already be sewn into strips - I just need to sew them to the top.

And that porch...by summer's end it will have a brand new coat of paint on it! We think the main support posts may be original to the 1892 house so we will have to be careful with them when scrapping paint. The trim will remain white but I plan to paint the deck a nice purple color. It may cause my 'hood to be in an uproar but I'll smile everytime I see it :) See, just thinking about it put a smile on my face :)

I've been playong catch up with my Civil War blocks. I'm now making two of these quilts so I had to go back and make duplicates - 3 done, 3 more to go. I've also made two new blocks and have a third cut and partially sewn together. Progress is good!

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