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Friday, May 20, 2011

Feline Friday - Toys

If you've got fur kids you've probably noticed that they are a lot like human kids where the "free" toys can be more fun than the store bought. You know what I mean - my nephews played in the box for the new water heater for weeks, forgetting the new toys they had just got for some holiday.

Not that there is anything wrong with the store bought stuff... but probably half of them haven't moved in weeks. A quarter of the toys are spread around the house after being played with or carried about by Squeaky and a quarter are MIA which means I need to do a sweep under all the furniture. I'm sure your cats store their toys under the couch as well. Right?!

Squeaky is the youngest and most playful. Not only does she carry the store bought toys from room to room and up and down the stairs but she also plays "soccer" with them....flipping them in the air or behind her other front leg.

Pepper is getting pretty lazy but he loves a good box and the laser light. Some days he'll even chase a thrown toy. Squeaky definitely enjoys the freebies: sticking her paws in and out of the holes in the milk crate or chasing a leaf brought in on a shoe. Or remember when she played with my socks? That old shoe lace is getting frayed but she loves to drag it around the house. Even better is the hair elastic that she found somewhere that makes her looks like a bull with a nose ring when she carries it around!

Her latest fav is a chunk of hem that was fraying and I had to trim off my jeans. I had left it on the bathroom counter but it was subject to some soccer moves and then I found this...

Sorry - didn't have time to compensate for the low light but yes, while playing, Squeaky somehow got the piece to balance on the chair rail and left it for me to find! I left it there but forget to look for it again so it's probably under a couch by now.

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