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Friday, May 27, 2011

Road Trip

We interrupt your regularly scheduled "Feline Friday" to bring you a road trip!

Year's ago (we're not counting how many) I never would have allowed myself to say this but now I'll say it with no qualms: I love country music! This isn't the whiny somebody-done-somebody-wrong stuff of my youth - heck, Pop singers now sing country music. The only station I listen to (unless I am out of range) is WBEE 92.5 out of Rochester.

This summer they are doing a summer tour of their listening area. Now, Wyoming County isn't considered part of their area but you can "listen" to them in over half the county. Anyways...Their first stop was scheduled for Mt. Morris, a mere 20 minute drive from home. Do you know I actually hesitated going because of the cost of a gallon of gas? It was well worth it and a great way to end a wet week.

You've heard of Flat Stanley, right? Well this bench boasts Flat Terry - one of the Bee Morning Coffee Club DJ's. I forget the original story of why the bench was made, something about a fundraiser, but it was fun to sit on.

The DJs and their laptops and equipment were squished into a corner of the Rainy Days Bakery and behind us were tons of people - some for the food alone but others for the show. It was neat to run in to some new friends...

Terri, Hausman and Newman get along just as well in person as on air and were a riot to see as they messed with each other while trying to be serious. Before I had to run to work, I asked them to sign one of their BMCC stickers that they were giving away.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Friday...are you taking a road trip this weekend?

And don't forget to thank a vet or two this weekend!

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