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Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 3/12/12

I've managed to get the center of my batik quilt together! It feels really small compared to some of the other quilts I've worked on recently. I know it still needs the borders (and I had planned 3  which would make it 48" x 57") but I'm actually considering adding another border of HST to make it bigger.

On one hand I would just like to just get it done as is but on the other hand I would like something usable. Mom says the current size is great for a lap quilt, which is true but not really my style as I want to be *covered* by a couch quilt, or I could use it instead of the cream afghan to cover the ottoman, a fav pussycat hangout. Washing a quilt or afghan is much easier than cleaning the upholstered ottoman. What do you think - finish it as planned or make it bigger?

Ooh ooh – almost forgot I took this next picture. I think this loud striped fabric would make a fun border or even the binding. The colors are spot on!

I also wanted to tell you about 2 squishies I’ve received in the last week. Bonnie had Yard Sale Saturday back on 3/3/12 and I purchased this great neutral with roosters from Julie. She even included the cutest quilt label for me.

Back on Leap Day I entered several give-aways on a Leap Day Linky Party. I actually won one of them from Jen at Quilter’s Daughter !! It did kinda throw me for a loop when I picked up the package at the post office this weekend as Quilter's Daughter is the name of our LQS (my next stop after the PO) and I had to think for a minute what would be in the squishy.

Midgie and I were bummed that the post office clerk crossed out the stamps
when they hadn't been properly postmarked.

I won 5 green FQs and a spool of green silk thread for hand quilting. Thanks Jen!!


Charlene S said...

I would make it bigger! For me, a border of the sashing fabric and then the half-square triangles and then another small sashing border followed by that delightful stripe.

Jen said...

Glad you got your little package! Obviously your camera's better than mine! I'd totally like to win those! :) Your Batik quilt it great -but I think bigger would be better.... at least 75" makes for a good snuggler....Can't wait to see it!

Denise :) said...

Crimeny -- I *love* the yellow in the corners -- awesome! I think your purr-babies need a quilt of their own and this fits the bill. And that border fabric does too! Congrats on your happy win!! :)

Janet O. said...

Sarah, it is gorgeous! I love the corner treatment. That stripe would be my binding, for sure, and border, if I had enough to do both. I love striped binding on the bias.
Love those greens you won! Most of my house is carpeted in greens. It is such a soothing color to me. : )

Heather said...

That's beautiful! And I just love that stripe with it, too. Whatever size you decide on, it's going to look amazing. :)

Michelle said...

I love the stripe too.
Great win....

quilt32 said...

I agree with the others that whatever size you make the quilt, the border is going to be great.

Connie said...

I'm with the others, whatever size you make it, it is going to be beautiful!

AnnieO said...

Pretty pretty! I like the colors a lot. The stripe would be a great binding, maybe on the bias :)