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Thursday, March 29, 2012

UFO Thursday

Yup, it's the end of another month and I should be reporting on my NewFO's and UFO's. I worked on a UFO this month, altho not the designated project. I also started a couple NewFO's that I forgot to take updated photos of so we'll post those next week.

I think you will remember that I finished my Kangaroo Walkabout top last month.

Well, this week I also cut the batting and pieced the back. I wasn't interested in trying to match the pattern of the kangaroo fabric or in having a seam down the middle so I had planned to cut one length of the kangaroos and then make a strip of pieced black fabrics to get it wide enough.

I'm sure you all know to "measure twice and cut once". I suggest you also read your notes twice about what size to cut! I had remeasured the quilt top to make sure my measurements were correct and that is apparently what stuck in my head because I did measure out 72" twice but it should have been cut to 76."  Luckily I also had some WOF black left that I could add to the bottom of the kangaroos. Not what I had originally planned but it works :)

Oh hey, I still have more kangaroo fabric left - I think it should become binding...

I need to make some quillows as birthday gifts for the boys and then their party is Saturday. I hope to get Kangaroo Walkabout spray basted in there sometime.


Janet O. said...

Looks great, Kylie! Don't you hate it when that happens?
I just got a chiuckle when I thought about the fact that tyhis is the Jacob's ladder pattern Bonnie used for Floribunda. Youy could have named this Kangabunda! : )

Janet O. said...

Boy, I typed the above way too fast. Look at all those typos!

Connie said...

It looks so neat! I have goofed on the backing before the same as you. I still love that kangaroo fabric!!

quilt32 said...

It looks great. Being able to adapt is a good quality in quilting (especially for me).

Denise :) said...

Don't you love it when a plan comes together only to find out it was the wrong plan?! LOL! I love your Kangaroo Walkabout -- it's really stunning. And I'm really glad you could "make it work" too!!! Have a fun weekend! :)