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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nothing going on...

Sorry peeps - nothing quilty or even a photograph today.
Tuesday night Noel and I were co-chairs for a Quilter's Game Night at Guild which was a blast and I had yesterday off to prepare for a dinner meeting at my house. 16 people came for soup and grilled sandwiches - hence the daffodil centerpieces. It was an awesome day to be home because this early in the season the house still stays cool even tho it was >80F outside. I had every window and door open to let the sun and breeze inside and I ate lunch out on the porch while working on my skin cancer suntan. I am glaringly pale as an Irish Yankee emerging from a non-winter. I sooooo didn't want to come to work today where I can't prop open a door or window.

With my EMT class Monday night (and I skipped it last night) I haven't sewn anything since last Saturday. I seriously want to skip Zumba class tonight to go home and sew but if I'm home should I do yard work?  It's supposed to be yucky this weekend. Aren't you glad you got to hear this conversation with myself?!

Sorry nothing exciting has happened here at CasaGrande like making those fruit hand pies or even the swag tutorial I promised. Be sure you check in tomorrow where Squeaky will tell you about a little road trip she took.


Janet O. said...

Just because it isn't illustrated doesn't mean your life is dull. Look forward to Squeaky's experience. : )

quilt32 said...

Sometimes you're just too busy to take pictures. Have a good weekend.

Denise :) said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah ... you paint GREAT pictures with your words! Glaringly pale? I pictured it immediately. LOL!! Your game night sounds like it was a raring success! Did you skip Zumba? We had rain move in last night and it looks like it's here for the weekend. Ah well. At least it's warm rain. Happy Friday! :)