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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Spring !!

I don't think the town where I work got over 65F yesterday altho Rochester was 68F and beat a 120+ year old record. So what's a girl to do when it's that warm?

Dust off the cobwebs and fire up the barby of course!!!
Looks like I'm going to need some new bricks along with a new grill cover...

I also walked around the yard looking for spring plants. There was lots of *little* bits of green popping up (day lillies, sedum, phlox, weeds, etc) but all were too small except these little snow drops. Haven't found the crocuses yet.

Today will "only" be 57 but I did see my first robin of the year so Spring is on it's way!

Speaking of spring - Don't forget to Spring Forward an hour this Sunday and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. I'll finally be installing my new smoke detectors.


Janet O. said...

I will enjoy your spring, since ours is being very fickle. Can you throw a chicken breast on the barby for me? : )

Denise :) said...

Snow drops are such sweet little things! Our temps are similar to yours, which means it's quite cool and feels more like winter here today! Add the *very* blustery wind and it's a good day to stay indoors! Your steak looked REALLY good -- it must be lunch time! :)

Connie said...

Beautiful Spring plants and we have been able to grill a couple times too....unbelievable!

Michelle said...

Beautiful little flowers.....
We don't change our clocks back until the first Sunday in April.
I'm glad you are having nice weather.

quilt32 said...

I don't know which is more beautiful - that lovely piece of meat on the barbecue or the snowdrops.