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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Amherst Quilt Show, part 2

Ready for part 2 of my trip to the Amherst Quilt Show??

Let start with some mini quilts...

And then some basket quilts...

A cat quilt where I'm not quite sure I like the concept of cats *IN* jars but it's cute

And a few other random quilts..

Love the alternate setting for the Arrowhead blocks

Great design for using up those random charm squares.

There were tons of great ideas...now I just have to use some of them :)


Janet O. said...

Loved seeing the mini quilts and basket quilts, Sarah.
And I believe I know some people who would LIKE to put cats in jars (dog lovers).

margaret said...

must have been very inspiring to see these quilts, the mini ones fascinate me so tiny must be so fiddly to do

June said...

Yesterday, the girl that works for my son showed me a short video on her phone/camera of her orange cat that had squeezed into a cleaned-out Utz Cheese-ball container (no lid). An orange cat, haha. It was having a ball!!

Missy Shay said...

The cats in jars is kind of disconcerting. ;(