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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just enough to get it out of my system?

I finally decided how I wanted to fussy cut the paisley fabric for the inside 4 honeycombs of my new POTC project and was so excited to get started before a meeting Tuesday that I dug right in. Actually, I should have slowed down a little. Oops!

I finished the first 16 pieces this morning. I was surprised how much smaller the block was than I expected. Of course I was basing my size guesstimate on internet pictures and the fabrics laid out before basting. Since my template has a 3/8" seam allowance I should have known better. I'm not saying it's small, it's actually a very nice size, it's just smaller than I had expected.

Next I need to fussy cut the 8 honeycombs that will go on the next round, to the left and right of each green honeycomb.

Hopefully this will get the POTC block out of my system for a little while so I can go back to my Twisted Hexies. I mean I'll go back to TH after I see if there is more of this fabric at the LQS... LOL!!!


Carla said...

Now I'm in trouble. I was just showing Katja a pic of that block the other day and told her I wanted to start making them. I think our paper pieces are around 1" along the edge. It won't be a big block either. Dang! Now I want to start--now! The papers are at work.......
What is POTC?

Denise :) said...

Oh my gosh, I love this!!! That paisley fabric is awesome!!! Hmmm...I may need to make a handful of these, too! ;)

Janet O. said...

I don't need to make any of these, but I love seeing what you are making--even the oopsie! : )
That is a very nice fussy-cut design. I would never have thought of it. Oh, look. You are definitely going to need more of that fabric--hurry!!! *LOL*

nzlstar said...

hi Carla,
POTC means Patchwork of the Cross. its a Lucy Boston design. google will tell you more about this English Lass.
i loooove this block too. havent yet tried fussy cutting tho. uses up so much more fabric and its very very expensive here so i am very frugal with my sewing choices.

margaret said...

looking good and lovely paisley fabric. How I want that template

Paul Burega said...

Sometimes it is great to fussy cut for an EPP - especially when you want matching pieces.