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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Bibliophile Files

Are you ready for another edition of The Bibliophile Files?

I hope you are ready to share what ever it was you read in the last month; be it a novel, audiobook, comic book, quilt book, magazine or cereal box!

If you want to know more about the reading challenges I set for myself, please click on the Bibliophile  File tab above. I would love suggestions for the following letters: A, E, R, U.

Finished in the month of March:
Red Queen - Sadly I found out I also read this book in 2011. It was an interesting read but discovering I read the same book twice without realizing it was not a good sign for the book overall. The story is the rise and fall of the families of England as they plot and battle over who will be king of England. Not my usual kind of book but it fit the bill for an R and a Red.

Rough Country - This book is part of the Virgil Flowers series and is your typical whodunnit. Virgil almost always gets the girl but there were plenty of twists and turns to keep the book interesting until the last. I admit I had a guess who dunnit but I wasn't sure until the author revealed it for himself.

The Guardian - Another great book in the Home to Hickory Hollow series. Set in Pennsylvania Amish country, the book deals with the differences between Englishers and the Amish. I was actually surprised at some of the Amish decisions in this book and did wonder how accurate those decisions would be in one of our local Amish communities.

Virgin Blue - This book dealt with one woman's difficulties of living in France for her husband's job and searching for her ancestry. The details were interesting altho I did find the midwife part of the story pretty weak.

International Bank of Bob - This is the story of Bob Harris, a travel journalist who discovers laborers in Dubai who could use a hand up. He soon learns of kiva.org and decides to lend his $20,000 earnings from the job $25 at a time to small businesses or families around the world. He then travels to many countries, visits the microfinance insitutions that work with kiva and talks with some of the loanees themselves to see how the money and training improves their lives.  The book was very enlightening regarding how such small loans can make such big differences. Again, not my usual book but this might be my fav for the month!

Currently in my stereo or nightstand:
     Last Oracle
     While We Were Watching Downton Abbey

OK, now it's your turn to join in. Link up your post to share your own challenge progress or just a recent read. No post? List your reads or suggestions in the comments below. Don't forget that links should be to a specific post and not your blog in general. lemme know if you need help linking properly.

Happy Reading!!


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I'll be linking up tomorrow... I really enjoy Virgil Flowers (and John Sandford's writing). I've been missing a good police procedural series since I caught up with all of Sandford's last year.

Denise :) said...

Okay ... so are you working backwards and I'm working forwards?! I've really enjoyed the Hickory Hollow series! There we go -- same to same again! :)

Missy Shay said...

I love the Hickory Hollow series too! I love the Amish fiction, remember, most of the Amish is the same but as with any church, some are stricter then others and have a few things that are different. Most authors try to stay true to the Amish they know.

Karen H said...

If you are looking for a book that starts with "A" give Annabel by Kathleen Winter a go. It was a Canada Reads finalist. There is one technical issue with the book but otherwise it is an interesting story.

Chantal said...

Oh my goodness Sarah, I think I did it! Finally learned how to link! I'm so excited! Now I can join your other link parties too.