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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So clearly my priorities are a little off today cuz I took so many pictures of my meager purchases that I won't have any post space left for pictures of the quilts in the show. I guess I'll share those next week since I have something planned for tomorrow and Thursday is HeLP for Hexie-aholics.

Without further ado - here are the meager purchases from my recent Fabric Acquisition Road Trip (a phrase I stole from a friend!).

As usual, there are a few things I forgot to photograph. You'll see the black batik FQ I got for the project I'll share for HeLP and you'll probably never "see" my door prize since it's a batting. It's poly which is new to me but I'm game to try.

These half yard pieces were BOGOfree. Can't pass on a yard of fabric for just $5!! I thought the fabric on the left would be awesome for fussy cutting EPP shapes, POTC or otherwise.

Just some random FQs for the stash. I've had the butterfly fabric before and used every square inch so I was happy to find another piece :)

The colors are way off on this photo for some reason (just compare the mat color in this and the other photos), sorry. The fabric on the left is a shot cotton with purple and blue threads. I've never worked with shots but have wanted to for many years. No design ideas for it yet but it's probably a safe bet that it will be hexies, a mugrug or a zippered pouch. No matter what, the first project will be for ME.

On the right is one of Moda's candy packs - 2.5" squares of fabric. The FQ is a coordinating fabric. No specific ideas to use these yet but I'm open to suggestions...

So...can you guess what these are for?? LOL. This vendor was selling hand dyed fabrics in all kinds of luscious colors. She also had precut squares in these cute plastic boxes. There are 6 shades of each color and I think there are at least 25 different colors in the box. Since it's 6 shades of each color, I can make a hexie rosette from them. I haven't taken them out of the cute box to play yet but I'll have to pick a center rosette color and then a color(s?) for the path. Based on Karen's post yesterday, I am thinking of doing a triple path. It could prove interesting color wise but it will also make the project a bit larger since I only bought the one little box. This might have been my fav purchase of the day.

Last but not least I hit the scrap bins. It was a $1 for a quart sized bag. Big deal you might think but when the guild ladies kept telling me to stuff in more and more fabric, what was I to say?

Just check out how much I had crammed in to that same little bag! Imagine how big the pile would be had I fluffed some of the fabric. I imagine my scrap bins will acquire some new pretties and my pile of tiny scraps for Julie will also acquire some too.

Happy Tuesday from WNY where it's currently snowing...


Frances said...

Great haul! Your coordinating blue black fabric looks like the same as the red and white cross hatch I have used and used and used in my Nearly Insane quilt. It is a great midtone, I hope you get plenty of mileage from it.

Chantal said...

Uh oh, I see you are also planning to do Karen's next QAL. How do we manage to get ourselves into so much trouble with the new projects?
Awesome purchases!

Carla said...

Isn't that fun! I just got back from a quilt shop in Victoria. Sitting in the hotel room looking at my pretty fabrics. I found it expensive but did find some in their sale bin.
Enjoy your new fabrics : )

Janet O. said...

Looks like a very good job acquiring!!
One dollar for a quart bag??? Let me at 'em!! : )

margaret said...

some great fabrics here, and the scrap bag sounds a good way to buy bits, not seen those for sale before

Karen H said...

I want a FART! You have picked a wonderful array of fabrics. I especially like the striped half yard piece in the first picture. Heck they are all wonderful and I'll be expecting some beautiful projects in the near future!

Me and My Stitches said...

Farts are so much fun! Lol!! Glad I could inspire you with the name! Looks like you found some good deals - I really like the box of fabric - such a nice selection. Looking forward to those scraps thanks for thinking of me!