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Monday, February 29, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 2/29/16

Happy Leap Day!!!

One would have expected me to have gotten a lot of hexies done last week, given that I was busy doing things other than blogging. Didn't happen :(  I had my nights free last week but I wasn't making great progress and it was getting frustrating so I was stitching slower.  Over the weekend we attended 2 hockey games for my nephews followed by lotsa family time. We had a great time but I was wasn't making much progress on the hexie front.

Black hexies (really each hexie shown above is a small rosette) are completed.
I need at least 30 more small rosettes.
Yikes! I really underestimated.

My original hope for the month had been to get the twisted hexie top done. My hope for the weekend had been to get all the small rosettes attached to the mother ship. Turns out I had no where near as many small rosettes as I would need to finish the top. Bummer! I guess this is going to become my March goal too...

This quilt is looking much wider than longer to me so I best test it on the bed to double check.
I need to fill in the top and bottom on the right and one large rosette on the left. 
Tonight? I'll be cutting more batiks...

Be sure to check in tomorrow - it's not only our monthly Bibliophile Files report but I'll share some info on a special hexie project I am planning for the month...something I feel safe in not blaming Janet for one single bit !! ;)


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! You are making the most of your extra day

Janet O. said...

Okay, I am just a bit puzzled as to why I should ever get blame--or are you talking about some other Janet? : )
If you can believe it, I have just been sitting and doing some stitching on my hexie project (did you just feel the earth move?). I look at the tiny thing I am doing and how long it is taking me (and how kinked my neck feels) and I can't imagine working on the projects you show here! They are gorgeous (especially the batiks), but don't they take forever? Tell me you are kidding that you will have the batiks done in May--this May, or two years from now?!?

Janet O. said...

Wait--you said March! That is even worse!!!

margaret said...

that is the one drawback with hexies they take time but it a time when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself so try and make more time, easier said than done though, what you have done is looking good