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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Finish 1 & Finish 2

So...as much as I am not a goal setting girl...
I'm a goal setter but I've not got a lot of follow through...

Any way.
Hey !!!
I finished 2 quilt tops in January!!!! A UFO and a hexie quilt. Gooooooooooo me!

The blue border actually has some pinky-purple that
matches perfect with the Kaffe fabric in the center.

Thing 1 was a UFO that I found in a box of UFOs. This quilt was started when I lived in Miami as a monthly strip quilt class. It was intended to be smaller and the Kaffe fabric would also be the border. Janet so thoughtfully pointed out that the Mountain Majesties pattern was perfect for this ADK Mountain loving girl so I knew I had to finish this to use while camping. It's kind of a funny size but it will work perfect with my camp cot or in front of the fire. I've got more of the orange for the back and the dark blue for the binding.

Thing 2 has been a loooooooong time coming. My first post when I started working on Value Proposition was way back on 5/5/14. I've done lots of side projects in the meantime but I was thrilled a week or so ago to have all the hexies stitched. This past weekend I was able to get the borders on!! Woohoo!!

This is what 374+ inches looks like!

I started by determining that I would need something like 374 inches of borders and cut 10 strips each for the inner and outer border fabrics. I sewed inner and outer border strips end to end and then sewed the two borders side by side. I just couldn't see myself making 2 trips around the quilt to add separate 2 borders but this was so easy I might use it again.

I just love these fabrics together.

After cutting the borders to length I matched the middle of each border to the middle of the quilt side and pinned it at every hexie. Like my weights? Of course, close up is one of my old crocks but in the back is "my" rock.

I think some of you know that one of the hexies in The New Hexagon was named after me (Thank you Katja!!!!). Well, my boss at the LQS had one painted in my fav colors for Christmas!!!! I think I still have most of these fabrics so I need to stitch up a mug rug or something to match.

Anyway, I machine blanket stitched the quilt to the borders and WaaLaa!!! Another finish.

Luckily the weather was nice on Sunday, allowing me to run out to my street to photograph this beauty. Yes, I am 100% sure the neighbors were wondering what the heck I was doing but it's not the first time they have wondered and I just love the streaky blacktop as a backdrop.

This backing will be the same dark teal as the inner border with a matching gold. I'll use a "zipper" method of making the backing that I first saw at a Bonnie Hunter class. I'll share pictures when I get the back made. Which will probably not be until later this month as I am helping out at quilt retreats the next two weekends!

And for this month's non-goal --> another UFO from the box and Twisted hexies!


Scrapatches said...

Congrats on completing goals. Thanks for showing and explaining how you attached the hexie quilt tot he borders. This is an amazing quilt top! Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it ... :) Pat

Janet O. said...

Great job, Sarah! I'm impressed with your finishes. And I am glad that you will have a mountain quilt to snuggle in while camping. : )

Jo said...

Great finishes.....
Did you mitre the borders on the HEXIES quilt

margaret said...

delectable mountains quilt is lovely, what a nice boss you have to have had the hexie made for you. Have not thought of attaching borders together before adding to quilt seems such a sensible thing to do, your hexies are going to look fabulous

Frances said...

Great to see those hexies make up a proper flimsie, well done!

Judy Dietrich said...

Congrats on your TWO finishes!! I watched every episode of the hexie proposition quilt "series" on Karen's blog, but, that is as far as I got. You have a finished quilt top. I like your camping quilt!! The rock is a hoot & useful!! Have a good weekend!!

Pamela said...

Gorgeous! Both are nice, but I love the hexies!

Missy Shay said...

Both of your quilts turned out great!