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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Bibliophile Files - 2/2/16

Hello! My fellow readers and welcome to February's edition of The Bibliophile Files.

First the bad news...
Did y'all hear that shelfari.com is folding in to goodreads.com? Booooooooo! Neither my libraian/friend Erin nor I like goodreads after using shelfari for so long but no one asked us so I guess we'll deal. I was trying to update my finished books yesterday and it seemed like bad link after bad link. Oh, and maybe they need a few more ads. Ugh, this is gonna take some getting used to...

Then...The not so bad news...
I didn't really finish that many books in the past month. It's entirely because I was spending a LOT of time watching DVDs so that I could get Value Proposition finished. Which I did at 2pm on Sunday - pictures tomorrow!!

The good news...
Today starts another month so I can do better this time around, I've got my walking mojo back (we are expecting near 60F tomorrow and Phil says spring is right around the corner, even tho winter hasn't come yet) and it's time to pick another UFO so I'll be back in the quilt lab listening to books.

Speaking in Bones
NYPD Red 2
The Lake House

In Progress:
On my nightstand...A Life in Men
On my iPhone...The Longest Ride
On my stereo...Saint Odd

And now it's your turn...what have you been reading? Share your magazines, novels, new quilt books or cereal boxes. We all need some new suggestions!!


Julierose said...

I downloaded a sci-fi/fantasy for a (BIG) change from my usual mystery books. It's called "Isle of Winds" by James Fahy; and so far, it is pretty engrossing if you can suspend disbelief...it IS fantasy after all. I read the sterling reviews on amazon and decided, since nothing has really floated my boat lately, to give it a try. Will let you know how it goes.... hugs, Julierose

Jo said...

Sorry, I'm not really a book reader. I can't help out

Denise :) said...

It feels like all I'm reading is review books! Not really -- I'm reading the last of The Hunger Game series! LOL! :)