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Thursday, November 17, 2016

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 11/17/16

Hello and welcome to our monthly Hexie Linky Party for Hexie-aholics!!

I can't say that I've made much progress on my owl project recently but that's due to some priorities that will be done by next weekend.

I'd really like to get the 4 side pieces attached to the mothership by our next hexie club meeting on 12/2/16...which is when we are supposed to have our UFOs "done". Wish me luck as I wade through all the holiday obligations.

It took some coaxing but, yes, I think Bleu now understands his modeling obligations.

Did I tell you "we" changed his name from Blue to Bleu?
Well, in reality, it's Little Boy Blue to Little Boy Bleu.
Auntie Denise felt he was a little bit French...now he just needs a beret.

I had originally hoped to find more of that great cream batik to extend out the borders but after visiting several stores I've come up empty handed. One store even ordered what we thought it was - the new bolt was pretty close in color but it didn't have the "artifacts" of my original fabric.

I did come across this great blue batik and snatched up 3 yards cuz it was on sale! I'll be able to hit up 2 or 3 more stores while I'm out Christmas shopping in the next few weeks so I'll keep my eye out for the cream but I think the blue will work just fine. What do you think??

And now it's YOUR turn!!! What EPP project have you worked on or dreamed up recently? Any paper shape or vintage project is welcome to join in.


Jo said...

I think the blue matches really well. It would be a great border.

Frances Meredith said...

Is this almost a quilt?

KimM said...

Oh, how I love the colors!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the blue border. At this point in the game, my furkids would know NOT to get on that quilt. He's quite the handsome fellow!!

Janet O. said...

I think the blue pulls it all together nicely.
What about Bleu (excuse the French) makes Denise suspect French heritage. Does he meow with an accent?

Pamela said...

I think both the blue and the Bleu look great!

margaret said...

bit of a cheat I have added a flimsy from jan 2016 still not quilted as have not a clue how to sandwich it as it so big

margaret said...

loving how your hexies are coming on what a poser and such a beautiful cat

Chantal said...

The turquoise fabric is perfect for the border. It makes the bits of turquoise in the quilt pop and frames it out so nicely. I like the change of spelling for Le Petit Garcon Bleu!

Denise :) said...

Goodness, Janet, he just *does*! LOL! He looks rather French. Nice job on the the owlie ... I like the turquoise for the border, too. It really makes the center pop! :)