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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Niagara Falls Road Trip

So...as I said earlier this week...Last Saturday I had an all day EMT training on cardiac issues in Niagara Falls. It just so happened to be at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino!

Valet entrance.
The top is black due to the curved roof.

We had to walk through the center of the casino for lunch time.


After the conference was over I drove 5 miles to a small quilt store and then 5 miles back to the Falls where I almost took a wrong turn onto the Rainbow Bridge to Canada but eventually found parking so I could take a "little" walk through NF State Park. I didn't find the map until I was ready to leave or I would have planned my hike a bit better.

I started on the left and walked down to the gorge (red) and the American Falls.

Then I continued up river which really showed how quickly the water was moving down stream.

Then I walked over the pedestrian bridge towards Goat Island.

Then I walked down to Luna Island which was basically at water level!

Then I walked back up towards the Canadian falls (green line)

looking one more time towards the American falls -
the group of people is down on Luna Island
stairs down to the Canadian Falls.
This is when my phone was going wild  -
I must have wandered into a Canadian cell service zone
Check out that mist!
Lets just say I wasn't making any impressions with my sopping wet hair
Next I wandered back (blue line) over the pedestrian bridge and around the center of the park, heading towards the Hard Rock to pick up a cordial glass for my collection and then to get Indian food for dinner at the food court.

I took my dinner back over to the park but I never found a picnic table. What kind of park doesn't have picnic tables???

The lights coming on across the river on the Canadian side were fun to watch

It didn't photo well but there are blue and red lights on the falls at dusk

That leaves me at the purple line to try to get back to my car before it was too dark in the park. Luckily if you left after 6, parking was free. Whoo hoo for me.

Now that I have the park map I hope I can go back and hike the rest of it some day as this was a pretty quickly paced hike before it got dark. I'm still going to hedge that it was a good 3 or 4 miles. Smart people would have logged it on their Fitbit...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

My daughter took the grands to this park maybe a month ago - she would have loved to do the whole hike, but with 3 little-uns - another time. I took my 3 when they were that age to the Canadian falls. We stayed at a great KOA for a week and took in a lot of sites - nice trip.

Janet O. said...

Haven't been to the Falls since I was 14--that was a LONG time ago. Tried to talk hubby into going when we were in New York 8 years ago, but he was tired of driving and just wanted to get to our hotel and get to sleep early. Would love to be able to take that walk with you!! : )

Jo said...

Wow. They are beautiful spot. It looks so lovely to walk around and see. Thankyou

margaret said...

what a lovely place to visit and walk in. Just heard on the radio Leonard Cohen has passed love his music wonder if you are a fan

Denise :) said...

It's been a long while since I last visited the Falls, too. I envy you your closeness!! Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous pics!! (Too bad you can't go back and manually add your steps!)