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Friday, March 17, 2017

Feline Friday - 3/17/17

There are lots of photos to share for Feline Friday and HeLP today so Mommma separated the posts, altho they will share one linky party. Be sure to check out HeLP HERE!

On Sunday, Momma put me on the ottoman with my brother. What was she thinking?

Zorro! Really? In front of the camera? You've got NO class!!

Monday morning Momma used the pillowcase trick to get me in to the PTU. How did I fall for that one again??!! She said I was breathing too fast.

There was no end of indignities at the Vet, including checking my rear tem-purrr-ature and Xrays.

BTW - They matched the tile to my furs. How nice!!

The lady doctor  gave me an anti-inflamatory shot and thought I would improve quickly.
Sadly I was much worse the next day. I stopped eating after the vet appointment and my breathing got very labored.

On Wednesday, Momma took me to work before and after another appointment. She set a stool right next to her chair with a pillowcase that smelled like Momma.

But I chose to sit in my Prisoner Transport Unit.

The lady doctor took another xray and a CBC blood test. Her best guess is that I have asthma. Supposedly kitties get it in the winter and the drywall dust from bedroom renovations probably didn't help. I have prednisone pills to take for 10 days but I don't like taking them. I'm quite lethargic and I'm still not eating despite Momma's best efforts. I've lost nearly a pound this week.

Momma put me on the tables today to offer treats.
No thanks.

Momma called the lady again this morning about me still not eating despite the appetite enhancer I was administered on Wednesday. The lady suggested chicken flavored baby food.

I. am. not. a. baby. I'm 7!!

She forced some in my mouth at lunch today and I only gummed half of it back out on to my furs (she's threatening a bib before she forces more on me for dinner) but it tastes ok. I'll consider more for dinner altho I hear she also bought turkey flavor too...


Julierose said...

Oh poor baby--so sorry she's not feeling well...worrying...hugs, Julierose

Missy Shay said...

Poor baby, I hope he feels better soon!

Janet O. said...

Hope this all clears up soon!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Poor little man - hope things improve soon.

margaret said...

do hope the pills have started to help, getting them down is I am sure a battle. I have added a photo of Sofie, we lost her on 26 feb, she was 19 years old and Alfie`s Mum who passed on 26 nov

Pamela said...

Poor kitty! hope things get better soon.