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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #33 - 1/3/18

Happy New Year!!!!!

Certain people (altho Sharon shall remain nameless) were very confident that I would soon catch up on my temperature quilt. And I did!!!! Woot!! It feels good to start the new year with at least one project mostly up to date.

Week #32
29 - 28 - 32 - 30 - 28 - 23 - 13F

This is the block that I hadn't cut out or sewn last week. It's pretty dark - other than that last light purple which was a newly introduced color. And yet...just wait until you see the colors for Week 33!

Week #33
13 - 7 - 13 - 16 - 5 - 11 - 15F

Big change in colors, huh?! Maybe I didn't have my color scale as graduated as I expected but the colors really represent our change in weather - last week was on the precipice between whatever and cold and this week is definitely cold. You'll notice the pinks are a new low but you'll notice yet another new color next week  since this weekend our max temperatures will be below zero. Eek.

Don't forget the rows are serpentine to have the colors flow better:
Row 1 is left to right
Row 2 is right to left

Another aspect of catching up was to applique rosettes to background squares and sew those squares together. I was a bit ashamed to say I had to applique 9 rosettes but, hey, life gets in the way of the fun stuff sometimes and now this is all in one piece.

I'm also excited to say that this is the half way point for the quilt and it's officially too big for the design wall since I like to layout the next week underneath it so I can try to space out the various fabrics. I'll either need to fold this up to hang on the design wall, hang it on a wall upstairs/out of the way or I'll just have to wing the next few weeks for color placement. Either way my design wall currently has this huge white space that really grabs the eye every time I walk into the Quilt Lab. It's a little disconcerting...

And in an effort to share full disclosure...

I now have to catch up on appliqueing these rosettes to their backgrounds. Since I am past the half way point I'll now be duplicating the background fabrics. Yeah, there are 28 background fabrics so far. What can I say? I love neutrals! We can thank Quiltville for that little obsession...

Technically I only need one more rosette to finish this row. There are 52 weeks in a year but 56 blocks in this quilt. My original design was to have the 4 corner blocks just empty squares. I later decided that the "label" should be on the front and moved the empty blocks to the last column on the right. I eluded to this a while ago but haven't progressed the idea very far. I'll be taking my original colors/fabrics and creating/appliqueing a thermometer where I'll embroider (double eek) the temps onto the thermometer. I think it's a great idea but I'm worried about my execution. I just need to put on my big girl panties and do it cuz it is going to be cool! LOL!

For anyone who has been stalling to start a temperature quilt this is the perfect week to do so!! I hope you'll join in!Lemme know if you have questions or need help with your color scale.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I knew you could, I knew you could..... I saw that horrible accident(s) on 90 outside Buffalo - you didn't get that snow squawl? It is bitter out there and worse to come. The Almanac said a long and very cold, snowy winter.

Janet O. said...

Wow--it is cold in your neck of the woods!!
It is really fun to see the progress on this quilt. So colorful.

Annette Mandel said...

I found the hexie temperature quilts!! I started mine on Jan 1, 2018. Really pleased with this concept. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

Jo said...

It's great to see the difference in the colours this week. Your blocks are coming together well. Good job keeping up.

Pamela said...

Half way looks great!

Vireya said...

That's one cold week you had!