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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

HeLP for Hexieaholics & Wedesday Weather #35

It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday!
Hopefully most of my regular readers will remember that this is why we hold our Hexie Linky Party for Hexie-aholics on the 17th of each month!

Nope! Wasn't driving for this one either.

The day started perfectly with a gorgeous sunrise and breakfast with "my" highway guys (coworkers). I have a dinner meeting tonight and I just know I'll squeeze some hexie time in somewhere today. But maybe I won't stay up way too late for the second night in a row watching Code Black Season 2. That show is positively addicting.

I've been plodding along on my birthday kaleidoscope blocks. If I recall, there are 12 or 13 of us playing so there are many more blocks to come. But first, I'll get on that orange there on the bottom right.

38 - 52 - 57 - 11 - 15 - 13 - 26F

And then there was last weeks weather. It WAS a doozy! From winter to summer to thawed and then back to freezing. Thing is, there is yet another thaw coming this weekend. It won't be nearly as warm but it will be in the 40s. I guess I'm ok with 40s.

OK - time for me to sew the rest of my lunch hour. That means it's time for you to link up to todays party. Feel free to link up any EPP project of any vintage or shape. And if you would like to start a temperature quilt with us please speak up!


Frances Meredith said...

Happy Birthday from Suzi and owner

Janet O. said...

Oh, happy birthday, Sarah! I am glad it started with such a pretty sunrise! I struggle to comment on kaleidoscope blocks, because I always forget how to spell that word. :) But the look good.
What a pretty temperature flower. WOW--that is some swing in temps!

tubakk said...

Happy Birthday! I'll soon link up.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Happy Birthday! We had snow all day yesterday, overnight and thru today; luckily it fell lightly or we would be buried. Still, 1-3" turned into an easy 12+

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday! This week's block looks too cold!

hetty said...

Happy Birthday. Sarah!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy hexie sewing...

MissPat said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Your kaleidoscope blocks remind me that I have a bunch of them somewhere that I started many years ago, but they were EPP, just hand pieced, which I think I decided was not my thing. I also have a baby blocks EPP buried somewhere. Hmmmm.