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Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Day Sewing

So. We had this little snow storm over the weekend. Remember that it was a high of 57 Friday at lunchtime and when I went to bed there was barely an inch of snow. Not so when I got up Saturday! It certainly wasn't the 18" originally predicted but it was enough.

Luckily my neighbor likes to play with his snowblower and treated me to a blowout which probably saved a good 2-3 hours of shoveling this heavy snow. 

All I had to do was find my car! Of course that required getting into the car for the scraper. Remember the rain from Friday? Well it froze the doors a bit and I'm always leary of breaking a door handle by pulling too hard. It's just a matter of opening it enough to get a finger hold on the edge of the door and we're in.

My snoopervisor hates this kind of cold weather  - often growling or hissing at the cold when I open the window (at HIS request) to go out. If anything he does what I call Porch Patrol where he sits outside for 30 seconds before begging to come back in.

Well. As soon as the driveway was clear he Just. Had. To. Go. Outside. Immediately. He was thrilled to bits. I can tell he's been a little depressed being inside so much but this lifted his spirits.

Saturday was cold enough for me to stay home. The local quilt show was delayed a month and the roads weren't great so I skipped Guild sit-n-sew. Instead I sewed in my jammies. Perfect!

I finished making the brown and coral geese, married them and then got into making blocks. I've got 14 out of 32 blocks done for my smaller quilt. It shouldn't take too long to finish the remaining blocks and then make the rest of the sashing that I'll need.

Yesterday afternoon I made one last run to Sam's Club before they permanently close in a couple of weeks. I had a shopping list for me, my parents and the fire department (it's really their account). The guys teased me about how much I could really buy when I asked for a dollar limit, given my small car but they've never seen me pack to go camping! And really, it came down to how much space was in the shopping cart cuz I still had half a car left after this cartful. Thankfully a good Samaritan helped me get through a snow drift outside the store cuz this was a heavy load, mostly water bottles for fires that I hope we won't need . I debated going back inside again but didn't want to wait outside in the line again despite a good book on my iPhone.

I also went to several other stores while I was in the city (an hour from home) but I was less than inspired other than a new pair of socks. I know. Sad. Even goofier is that I realized this is my 2nd pair of socks with skunks on them. Not sure of the meaning behind that but what normal person has more than one pair of socks with skunks?

Happy Monday!


Janet O. said...

That is a LOT of snow to get in one night!! Thank goodness for neighbors with snow blowers! Out here we have neighbors with plows on their tractors and they have saved the day for me on many occasions.
Loving your ORL blocks! When Bonnie announced the colors I was skeptical about the brown, but it really works!
That is a loaded cart, girl. Bummer that your Sam's is closing.

MissPat said...

You were brave to tackle the outside line to get in Sam's Club. I saw the line on the news. Hope the deals were worth the wait.

Jo said...

Cute socks though..