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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The Bibliophile Files - 8/7/18

Ha! I almost forgot to make this go live - and that was after thinking last week was the first Tuesday and trying to get it live then. Summer is just too crazy for thinking properly...

Hello and Welcome to my monthly book list. It's amazing how a little vacation time can mean lots of reading! That and lots of quilting time to finish fair entries. I've now finished 47 of 90 books for the year. School tax season is drawing near so that will help me up my numbers as well.

     Skybreaker - #2 in a futuristic series where boats fly.
     A Conspiracy of Faith
     If I live
     Baker's Magic - a fun little fantasy story
     The Invisible Girls
     Winter Study - I love reading a book from the Anna Pigeon series while camping - each book features a different National park.
     The Curse of Crow Hollow - fantastic story and reader! Wish I could figure out who the reader is.
     Girls Like Us
     The Romanov Ransom
     How to Hang a Witch - woohoo! I found out there is a squeal. Love the historical tidbits thrown in.
     Her Last Breath
     Dead Bolt
     Down a Dark Road
     Liar Temptress Soldier Spy - a bit long but an interesting historical novel about ladies in the Civil War
     The Dead Will Tell

     On my iPhone - Monstrous Beauty
     On my home stereo - A Stranger's Game

And now it's your turn - what books have you read recently? Anything counts - novel, magazine, quilt pattern and cereal box.


Barbara said...

I might have to look at that Anna Pigeon series. I love the parks. If you haven’t read Dear Bob and Sue, you might enjoy that. Now there’s a new Dear Bob and Sue (Season 2), if I’m remembering the title right. Anyway, I finished a good one...Education by Tara Westover. Also, the Great Burn about a huge wildfire in Montana during 1910. Teddy Roosevelt era, and it’s amazing how the more things change, the more they remain exactly the same when it comes to politics. Still working away at “It’s Even Worse than you Think.” Can only read a few pages at a time without getting depressed. Working on two new ones: Eat the Apple in the sewing room, and Brilliant Blunders in the living room. Your ladies of the civil war novel sounds good. I love historical fiction.

Denise :) said...

Oooh! You've got some good reads in there! Don't laugh...you'd think being one-armed for a month would be a good reason to read, right? Only my favorite reading position is on my tummy, which I couldn't do. So my queue is backing up. I've got it moving again, so hopefully *next* month I'll have a post to share! :)