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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #63 - 8/1/18

Dang! How did it get to be August already?! That means summer, and my Friday's off, is officially half over and I'm not happy about it. :(

I'm afraid I didn't pay enough attention to my elongated hexies this week.

The week could have gone this way:

On the other hand, maybe it was this way. I'm really not sure...

77 - 79 - 78 - 72 - 75 - 73 - 75 F

Either way - here is all of July! That wash outed hexie in the middle is a yellow - it never plays nice.

Now I have a dilema....

Last Friday I was at a sorta-LQS that had grunge fabrics so I decided to get some more, knowing that fall and winter were approaching sooner rather than later. I picked up 2 greens, blue and pink. I still need 2 purples to complete the rainbow since I already have white.

What I hadn't remembered is that I already had a bright green. It's barely discernible from my yellow in photos unless I play with the contrast. It's OK in person but it's not great.

I didn't take pictures of the various green combinations. Some look great in person but I think it's probably better to cut into the new greens and see how they play in smaller pieces. If it's worth it, I'll trade out those 2 light greens from June.

How was your weather this week? I know a lot of places got drenched in rainstorms. Not so here...we are still considered "abnormally dry" according to the US Drought Monitor.


Janet O. said...

That is a tough week to get straight. I hope you figure it out, so you don't mess up the whole quilt! :)
Abnormally hot and dry here, too. Going camping for three days. Don't know if it is good timing. It isn't even cooling down at night, and that is unusual for our high mountain valley.

Pamela said...

I love the yellow in the middle!

Jo said...

I still love all your colours.

Denise :) said...

Holy hot flash!!! LOL! :)