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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #64 - 8/8/18

I was going to begin today's post with a ditty on how fickle Mother Nature is and the fact that the town I work in seems to be getting more rain than the town where I live. Example: it rained pretty good at work yesterday but when I got home and dragged the garbage can back from the curb it was nearly dry.


I was going to share this photo of one of the many cracks in my dried out lawn and then I was going to follow up by sticking something down in the crack to see how big it is after trying a large washer Sunday and not hitting bottom.

Except!! We got some lovely rain overnight (at home, not at work) and the crack wasn't so much a crack as a slight x in the clay dirt I call a lawn. I'm sure once we dry out again, the crack will fully reappear so the experiment will just be delayed. So - like I said - Mother Nature is fickle!

76 - 78 - 77 - 80 - 85 - 86 - 78 F

I'd say this was an average week for August. Next week is fair week which is typically unbearably hot and humid. There is no 'hot' scheduled in the forecast but they keep changing their mind on the rain. I'm guessing that means we need to prepare for humid. Me thinks I would prefer hot - if Mother Nature is listening...


Janet O. said...

I doubt Mother Nature gives a hoot about your preference, don't you think? :)
It is our fair this week, and we will be near 100 degrees the next two days. At least we are not humid, and the fairgrounds got a huge new building for the home arts and fine arts departments this year, so I can volunteer in air conditioned comfort. Ahhh!

Denise :) said...

LOL, Janet!! We've been warm, but milder than normal for August -- with SO MUCH RAIN. Gracious. We haven't had a dry month yet. Can I send some of ours your way? :) On the other hand, I'll take yours or mine over what my kids in California are getting. They're fairly close to the Holy Fire ... it's awful. *sigh* I can't fathom the mindset of the man who intentionally set it. :(