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Monday, December 02, 2019

Quiltville Mystery Clue #1

Sadly, Bonnie is not going to host the weekly Mystery Monday linkups on her blog the same way this year. She's using Instagram, which I don't plan on getting an account for as I don't need yet another time suck on my phone :(

Anywho...Clue#1 came out on Black Friday and after forcing myself to do my usual chores first, I got stuck in to making those 4patches.

At some point, Chantal asked how many I had done and I took this photo of the paired twosies I had just loaded on my ruler to carry to the sewing machine. Now, I carried this around 2 rooms trying to get a better photo (no dice with no sun) and it wasn't until I was 12 inches from my sewing machine that they all slid to the floor. I might have said a few naughty words...

In the end I got them re-paired, sewed, pressed and spinned the center seam.

As with the past couple of years, I am making "half" the number of blocks needed for each clue. What that generally means is that is I cut a bunch of strips in the needed sizes to make the units, cutting more strips as needed until I am close to the halfway mark. I clearly overshot the strip cutting this time as I have way more than half the number of 4patches. They can always live in the orphan bin if I don't later decide to make more than half of the mystery quilt, this is just a good way for me to keep up with the weekly clues.

The 4patches didn't allow me much reason to work on my shoefly leader ender project but I did spend a few hours kitting up the rest of the blocks that I'll need. Now I'll only have to struggle with not just stitching more and more and more shoefly blocks, especially since I had a $10 coupon and treated myself to a blockloc ruler. The ruler is a little fiddly but much easier than not having the ruler.

This weekend Mom gave me the jean jacket she wants me to hexify as her Christmas present. Only a nonquilter would think I can bang out a jacket in 3 weeks when I spent months doing my own. She may get a box with the jacket and a bunch of hexies under the tree if I'm not inspired soon. Wish me luck...


Julierose said...

I don't do Instagram or facebook either; I do like seeing what everyone comes up with on the BH mystery, but I don't do those either=--I tried one and failed miserably...couldn't keep up and waaaay too many pieces
for me to cut. good idea to make only 1/2...Hugs, Julierose

ButterZ said...

I don't do instagram or facebook. So we can follow each other.
Good work. It was an easy start

MissPat said...

I splurged a few months ago and bought a 3 piece set of HST bloc-loc rulers. I had balked at the price for just one, but this was a really good deal. I do like them. I have started using Instagram a little (even before Bonnie's decision) since it gives me a way to share my work since I don't blog and will never join Facebook. I'm still debating doing this year's mystery.

Leonore Winterer said...

I used to have Instagramm, but didn't use it much and now I can't seem to be able to get back into my account, and guess one...I'm no worse off without :D
I love how these colours go together, and I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing about the 'hexified' jacket, that sounds intriguing!

Denise :) said...

LOL! I like the idea of a box with the jacket and loose hexies!! Hahaha!! Nice going on the mystery!! :)

Vireya said...

I am really missing the link-ups. They were the fun aspect of the mystery - checking in with everyone once a week to see their progress.

Anyway, you are off to a great start with clue 1.