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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 UFO Challenge list

Some people live and learn and change how they do things, others are optimistic...

Tuesday night I finally put together my list of 12 UFOs that I want to tackle for Judy's 2011 UFO Challenge. I planned to take the pictures Wednesday morning when the light was better. Ok, I mean when there would actually be day light because it's dark when I get home from work. The rescue call in the middle of the night and the sleep deprived stupor where I screwed up the alarm clock yesterday morning meant no time for pictures. Last night I worked on quilting a table topper that I am planning for a class and went to bed at a decent hour, planning to photograph the projects this morning. Yup, there was another rescue call in the middle of the night and I just couldn't get my act in gear for fotos this morning. So...here's my boring list for the challenge:

  1. Quilt and bind Michelle's table runner
  2. Complete the top for the Pennsylvania mystery (my LQS in Miami did a monthly mystery quilt based on countries or states - I have all the fabric for this quilt but it sits forgotten in a drawer with some of the blocks done. These were never difficult quilts, big blocks and all, it was just forgotten. It's brown and pink, very pretty)
  3. Design and execute borders for Jared takes an Asian Wife. This is my take on Bonnie's Jared takes a wife quilt - I used asian fabrics.
  4. Orange & Black log cabin wall quilt - pull off the rest of the paper, quilt and bind
  5. Sister's Choice - I have blocks together with the sashing already on two sides of each block, I just need to decide how big I want the top, if I need to make more blocks and then to put the top together.
  6. T-shirt Quilt - I have the tshirts cut already, I THINK I just need to assemble the blocks (this is on point) and put the top together.
  7. Quilt for Kids - I wanted to add an appliqued cat to this, then I just need to quilt and bind
  8. Carolina Christmas - I discovered the borders seem to be almost done, they just need to be sewn to the quilt top.
  9. Batik - again, the borders are almost done, just need to attach them
  10. Wine French Braid - I am not even 50% sure where I am on this. I think all 4 braids are done and then the top needs assembling. All the pieces are in a drawer so it should be easy to pick it up.
  11. Quilt a quilt. I have a stack of tops that need quilting and binding. Sandwhiching is my least fav thing to do so tops tend to pile up. I bet there is a stack of 10 quilt tops that need attention. I didn't pick a specific quilt since I could finish more tops before #11 is chosen.
  12. Same as #11.
Based on what I picked for the Challenge, it appears that I get stuck at borders and then that !@#$ sandwhiching. OK, there are no 'appearances' I knew that already.

I tried to pick some easier projects than others for variety. I'll be happy if tops are completed and then I can put away the bits from the project boxes. I don't plan to purchase fabric to start anything new at this time - but I won't deny myself if something really grabs me. The 3 B's still qualify. Bonnie mysteries don't count for purchases since I don't normally stock the yardage that her quilts usually call for. I do have kits at home that I have prepared with fabric and patterns, I would like to work on those.

If it doesn't happen that way I'd like, oh well. Live and Learn, right? Nah, I'll just be optimistic!

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Karen (Misiz C) said...

Me too.... I get stuck at the borders too. I measure each border piece (to keep the quilt square) which takes longer. One of my favorite Judy L Quilt For An Hour quilts had 7 borders. That one took foreverrrrr! Sigh. Think there are at least 5 on my challenge list at the 'needing border' stage. Good luck with your projects.