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Monday, December 27, 2010

Design Wall Monday - 12/27/10

So, it's the last 2010 DWM and I don't have any real progress to report.

Based on my own observation last week, that John confirmed, I am changing the firemen a little. The fireman fabric now blends in so well with the RWB blocks that it fades into the background. I am in the process of frogging off the top and bottom block sections so I can add a narrow black border. Hopefully it will be worth it.

The 8 foot table (left over from a Christmas party) that I had been using as a design wall for the firemen quilt has now been repurposed as tax central. As Town Clerk I also collect the Town & County taxes, starting in January. I spend the week between Christmas and New Year's pulling escrows, sealing and adding postage to those 7 boxes of bills covering half the table. The other half is pressies I haven't put away yet - the blocks are still on the table tho! It's not a hard job to do escrows but it does take time. As a bonus, I usually get through at least one audiobook while I do this. I tried watching movies but I spend more time watching than working.

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Kate said...

Good luck on fixing your quilt and on finishing your tax stuff!