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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gifts under the Christmas Tree

It appears that someone has been watching and learning from her big sis! Does she think she's a gift? She's a sweet one if she is.

No ornaments have been disturbed yet so I think I'll add the rest and maybe raise up some of those branches in that corner. Yet again, the cats don't even knock into them so maybe I will leave their little hidey-hole.

I'm going shopping in the "big" city this weekend so then I can add wrapped gifts too. Am I the only one that hates Christmas Shopping? I really only like to shop at the grocery and quilt stores. LOL. I like to find gifts that are meaningful but the meandering from store to store to find such a gift is just downright annoying sometimes, especially when a lot of other shoppers are so rude this time of year.

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