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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It’s beginning to look like…


Last week we got our first measurable snow storm. Of course, by yesterday it was into the 50s, the snow had melted and it was raining. Raining enough to predict 2” by lunch today and lake effect snow starting this afternoon through Friday. At left was the backyard at 8:13 am. It’s "normal" for the backyard to flood like this but the huge puddles by the driveway were unusual.

Less than half an hour later when I left for work, the car was already covered in sleet. When I walked from work to the post office at 10:30 everything was dusted in white as the big flakes drifted down.

I did remember to bring boots today but not a hat. By the time I walked back to work my coat and hair were soaked – there had been no need to dry it or use hairspray this morning as it had become a goopy mess  :)

The plows didn't make an appearance until 1pm, the roads are a sloppy mess and there are reportedly many accidents and power outages. Two areas of the local river are predicted to flood later today – and the river hasn’t flooded since 1972.

I think the snow is beautiful today but wish I had a better view than from my desk in the corner.

PS – today’s high was 55 but it’s been holding at a perfect 32 for hours now…
PPS - I just looked otu the window and the sun is shining from the south while the north is that awful blue gray color. the snow is highlighted and again, I want to be outside... Hah! In the time it took to add this PPS, the sun is gone...go figure.

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