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Monday, December 06, 2010

Design Wall Monday - 12/6/2010

My actual design wall looks exactly the same as last week so no picture of the wall...

I also worked on RollRollCottonBoll and I've now finished Step II. Step III is going to take me quite some time to complete. I'm not a string person so I'll need to cut some strings. I'll be able to use strips from the strip bins but I don't have any "off" sizes or angled cuts to add interest. No matter, cuz I prefer to enjoy the journey and I know it will be done eventually.

I've cut neutral squares to use on the fireman quilt. I recieved a lot of great suggestions from last week's DWM post. There was even a celebrity siting - Bonnie Hunter posted a comment on my blog!!! When I get back to working on this quilt, I'll add in how I am using reader's suggestions.

I also started decorating for Christmas. The trees and pine boughs were brought down from the attic (don't ask about my fall down the stairs on my last trip) and assembled but I don't have all the ornaments on the trees yet since I am not 100% sure what the cats will do. Pepper doesn't care about the tree or ornaments other than an occasional sniff. Smokey likes to sit under the tree (she also did this at my brother's house) but doesn't seem to bother the ornaments. I have no idea what Cali will do since it's her first Christmas. Today is day three and if everything is still ok when I get home, I'll add some more ornaments.


Charlene S said...

I am really interested in seeing pictures of your fireman quilt. Your cats look content. I hope Cali decides it is ok to just look and not climb. Good luck and watch out for that last step. It causes me to fall every time.

Cherie in St Louis said...

I love the picture of your cats lined up eating. Our two like to sit under the tree as well but they don't bother the ornaments so maybe Cali will be good :)