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Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 1/10/11

This morning, while eating my Special K, I had thought of a snappy line to post today along with a bunch of pictures from this weekend. It's now 4:42pm, I'm just getting time to post and I have no idea what it was so I guess I'll just go with...

When I taught my windmill class, a student brought charm size squares of all the same fabric instead of a pack of charm squares. I got her to purchase several coordinating fabrics but it lead to a discussion on a 2 color windmill runner. I purchased the wheat and green fabrics right then and there but thought it was too short. As an experiment I just got the black and cream fabrics to see what they will look like - will they come thru as a stripe or a blur? I have to add the outer brown border and then I can begin subcutting into the windmills.

It's late and I still have lotsa work left to do before I can go home and sew...cya tomorrow.

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