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Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 1/17/2011

Bronchitis knocks the wind out of you…really, it feels like you can’t breath and the hacking to get the crap out of your lungs is no fun either so once I got home Friday night and got into my comfy pjs – that’s how I stayed until dinner time on Sunday. I can’t remember the last 2-full-day-weekend that I just did what I want when I wanted: sewing and reading and sleeping in and staying up late. Be sure to check out my other post today to see why I really wanted to do “nothing” all weekend!

Friday night I hit the LQS after work and came home to dinner and time in front of the boob tube. Saturday morning the sewing marathon began. I won’t show pictures of everything so I have some fodder to talk about later this week but this is what I accomplished over the weekend:

1. Remember the pink alert? I finished 6 little treat bags for my tea party that got postponed until next weekend.

2. The center of my t-shirt quilt (UFO #6) is finished but I didn’t have enough border fabric so I’ll have to go back to the LQS. Will post more on Thursday…

3. Remember DWM last week with the experimental windmill runner? I finished the top but I think it leans towards failure. I just don’t care for it although I am sure someone else will. It was a good study to see how a row of all of the same fabric charms works - maybe that is the problem: one row might have worked but not the black and cream rows. It will be a good sample for class but I won’t do another with rows. I like 2 fabrics, but not rows. I am not sure if I will bind it in the brown or the cream color...leaning towards the cream to pull it in more (it does match the wheat fabric).

4. I finished the last 2 green and cream Turning 4-T blocks. This was supposed to be for my b-day so I’ll work on it some more tonight. I am designing this quilt myself and it’s turning into a design as you go kinda thing so I have to decide how I want to proceed. I’ve only changed it 3 or 4 times so far.

5. I also worked on 2 sections of my Roll Roll Cotton Boll blocks…will post more another day….


Denise :) said...

Isn't it funny how we can all have such different thoughts? I really like the border, so to speak, of the black and cream row. It rather sets off the beautiful greens in the center!

I *love* tea parties. No matter if there for big girls or little girls. Tea parties are such fun! I do hope you blog about party details after the fact!


Jerzydeb said...

Wow, you get so much done during the week ! I often keep one trash can near my machine for cuttings and scraps only - I like how the different colors mesh together ! The link for the stained glass quilt blocks -

Have fun !

Vicki said...

So sorry you were sick on the Big weekend. Happy birthday late. I think your table runner is great. I think that sometimes what we envision doesn't translate and then the project just doesn't meet the expectation. Maybe just because you were sick it didn't do much for you. Look at it again later, maybe you will see it in a different light. Love the 4-t blocks.