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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Surfing the blogosphere yesterday I noticed several pictures of empty thread spools that people have accumulated during 2010...I have no where near the same size collection as what I saw yesterday but it's an interesting study to look at how many of each color I have used.

The bottom 6 spools are medium gray Masterpiece thread that I use for piecing. It's a finer thread and has 600 yards to a spool. It's wonderful to use as the seam seems to open up and lay quite flat when ironed. Yes-Quilt Police-I iron, I don't press! The top 4 spools are from King Tut threads that I used for quilting. I know I've started many other thread colors for quilting but I guess I just don't finish those as quickly. I later use the partial quilting thread spools and matching bobbins every fall to make a bunch of little gifties. 2010 was magnetic bookmarks with a satin edge and 2009 was luggage tags.

What I could have also added was a photo of the wooden spools that I have accumulated or acquired from friends or family. I store them in a glass biscuit jar in the studio and hope to someday make something (a garland?) for my Christmas tree in the studio that has quilty ornaments.

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