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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roll Roll Cotton Boll update

I’ll be honest, now that the whole RRCB pattern has been posted, I'm working out of order. I work on what I feel like and what I can do with the parts already sewn. Essentially it will come down to the string blocks (part#3) being done last. I don't particularly care for making them so I don't keep strings. I'll have a lot of cutting to do before I can make those blocks and I need to locate a phone book I can dismantle.

 I haven't made much progress partly because I saw someone’s string blocks with black as a neutral and I was trying to decide if I wanted to do mine that way. I no longer can find those pictures online but this weekend it dawned on me that I have already used brown for some parts (which I am not going to redo) and I didn’t want black and brown in the same quilt. That finally got me back in gear!

These are my trapezoids from Step 6. I love the bright pinks and greens and  the dark browns together.

I'm almost finished with Step 4. The 9" strips are sewn together and I have just a few more to subcut while I am eating lunch today. I didn't trim the neutral strips to 9" as directed. That means some of them were long enough I could also get some 2" blocks for my Oh my gosh quilt. I need a bazillion 2" and 2.5" neutral squares so any opportunity for variety is appreciated.

 Ok - this one is weird. You probably noticed I keep old crocks near the cutting mat for trimmings and before I dumped it in the actual trash, I just liked the way it looked. I mean your "trash" says a lot about a person, right? Like the couple who live across the street and have 2 overflowing garbage cans every week for my one or two grocery bag bags. Ok, back to quilt stuff. I just like to see what makes the trash and what doens't. Maybe I can make this a periodic pix of what I chose trash. Needs a MUCH better name tho. Ideas?

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