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Thursday, January 20, 2011

UFO Challenge Update - 1/20/11

As you may recall from last week, I had the middle of the top into two sections on the LR floor. When I came home from work Friday it was remarkably untouched given that there are 3 cats in the house who like to run the length of the house, ie thru the middle of the LR. Of course, as soon as I came back downstairs from feeding the cheeky monkeys and changing clothes I found that they had indeed been having fun. I walked past the scene of the crime into the quilt room and out ran the perps. You can barely make out their outlines as Pepper and Cali fled the scene.

Well, I had stopped at the LQS on the way home but "we" decided to just use the fabric I already had to do a skinny lime green inner border and black outer border. I went to bed early Friday and got up to a perfectly positioned quilt on the floor. But as soon as I walked to the kitchen I saw Cali make a run for the LR where she jumped, dived and twisted onto the quilt to end up like this. Doesn't she look proud of herself?!

Any way, I did get the two halves together and then realized there was no way I had enough of the green fabric to even do a 1" unfinished border. Harumph. The snow was blowing for the traditional birthday storm so I resigned myself to getting the needed fabric this coming weekend and made binding. I just love how the zig zag comes thru on the binding and how it will pop off the black border.

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