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Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 3/28/11

Last week, Mary posted a quilt design she was going to make with her Farmers' Market fabrics and a new Accuquilt GO die.

I certainly didn't need another project myself but I have been collecting these fabrics for several years now and I would see a nice pattern, print it out, add it to the idea pile at home and the fabric never got used. I finally decided to just do it and get those fabrics off the shelf.

I don't have a GO cutter so I am cutting every thing by hand. It's getting a little tedious but it's almost done. I cut my FQs into 5" strips and sewed them to 2" strips of the brown sashing. (Gosh it's even a brown basket weave, just like Mary. How unoriginal). Then I subcut them into 5' wide units.

Next I'll sew 5" strips of the brown to 2" strips of the fruit and veggies. Subcut those into 2" wide units and sew them to the right side of first units. Wala - my sashing is done!

I'll be using the sashing/cornerstones for the outside "border" and I'll probably use the same brown for the binding. Might have to run and get some more tho.

Each FQ gave me 3 5"-strips and 1 2"-strip. I've only used 2 of the 5" strips for each fabric sew far, just to see how big the quilt would be. I'm thinking now that I should just use the other strip and get it used up. I'll just need to make sure I have enough for the cornerstones.

I couldn't decide which view I liked better - so you get both!

I wish I had potato, garlic and onion fabrics but I decided this morning that I just need to use what I have and getterdone.

I have apples, tomatoes, pears, "fruit salad", cukes, peas in the pod, raspberries, avocados, coconut, lettuce, blackberries, asparagus, blueberries, red grapes, lemons, chili peppers, pomegranates and green grapes. Are you hungry yet? I was!


Chris said...

Your fruit salad is super cute.

Melinda said...

I love your fabrics. I have a large collection of fruit and vegetable fabrics and am always looking for a new way to show them off.

Karen said...

Looks delicious!

Gari said...

This is going to make a really fun quilt. Looking forward to seeing it finished. :-)