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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


While showering this morning I had an idea for something to post...and promptly forgot as soon as the water was turned off. I wandered the quilt room but just couldn't remind myself what it was.

Desperate for something, I thought I might add this runner picture. I mean, it's oh sew different from the last time I posted about this runner and yet, not at all where I need to be with it. I've got the blanket stitching done - now it's time for free motion. My fav part!

I could really use some uninterrupted time in the quilt room. I've got a good book to listen to; I just need the time. 2 late night rescue calls in the last 3 days, 2 meetings, a dinner date, a run to the not-so-LQS, and 2 trips to Mom and Dad's to perform CPR on their computer don't make for a productive week.

Then I came across this little bugger. The pot is a leftover from fall pansies and I had dumped the birdseed on top when I cleaned out and filled all the feeders last weekend. I was really hoping the Cardinals or ground feeders would find it.

I have about 4 squirrels in the yard - this one is normal, one is missing an eye, another has only about 1 inch of his tail left and the other, that I saw for the first time this morning in my big feeder, was a little red squirrel. I used to shoosh them out of the feeders but it takes too much energy. That and it's more fun to watch Cali run from window to window to see what the bugger is doing and where he went when she scared him off.

When I was about to put my coat on and run out the door, I remembered my original idea. Too late for meaningful pictures, I did pull it out so that I'll remember it next time. OK, twist my arm for a hint - it should help me with that runner pictured above. Taking that picture should have reminded me but it didn't. hmm....

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