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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ZigZapps and LQS shopping

Yesterday was the end of the month sale at one of the LQS that is about 20 miles from here. On the last day of each month, you can get one item for 30% off. They know that we quilters won't buy just ONE item and I didn't disappoint altho I only got 2 things that weren't on my list. I drove over there for the remaining yellow brick road fabric - too bad I couldn't get the camera to take a better picture of this golden fabric. This pix looks washed on out on my laptop. I also grabbed a couple browns for the Sweet Potato Pie blocks I am working on. I needed dark red thread and I found some 3/4" hexies at half price. I only bought 2 packages to get me started as I am really looking for a punch to make my own hexies. Any one have one they want to sell? Anyone?

Based on a couple comments I received yesterday, I think I should write a little about ZigZapps.
Essentially they are a tool for applique. Designs are printed on a fusible web with lines for sewing, cutting and slitting. After sewing the panel to the fabric, turn them inside out, finger press them to flatten, lay out your design and iron them to the background fabric. You can then machine or hand applique. It is not a permanent adhesion -they will peel off. This is good if you want to reposition them but I'm not sure how well it would last for hand applique - maybe you only add one or two pieces at a time. I am machine appliqueing and it worked great when I ironed on all the pieces at once.

I am using the leaf panel for the design I posted yesterday - you can see that it offers 3" or 4" leaves depending on how you cut it out. The panels also have little design ideas. I received the gingerbread panel as a gift when the most-LQS had their grand opening party. I have some brown and green tea towels that I want to add the gingerbread men to. Check out Quiltsmart for other design/panel options. At 99 cents per panel at the LQS it's not a bad idea if you need a standardized applique shape.

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Connie said...

Thanks for explaining what ZigZapps are, I have never heard of them. What a interesting idea. Love your yellow brick road fabric!